Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's Your Favorite Color?

Camille: Have we ever talked about colors? What's your favorite color?

Dante: My favorite color is and has always been red. Which is weird because I don't own many red things. A couple shirts. A couple jackets. I tend to wear darker colors. I think its still ingrained in my head to not wear it because of gangs and such. But red rules. Like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He wore red. And anyone that has been around me more than two minutes knows my thing about red draws on a chick. What's your favorite color?

Camille: I have three favorite colors. I'm sure you can guess them, but why play games when I can just tell you, eh? Green, gray and orange. I figured you'd guess green because of the green wall in my apartment. Not sure if you notice, but I wear a lot of gray and silver.

Orange has been a favorite color of mine since after I graduated high school. Before that I only had one: yellow. My room at my parents' old house was yellow. Buttercup yellow! I don't really like to wear yellow though.

How Dante pictures this room. Sadly.

*In my best valley girl impression* “Gang colors are totally out! Let's get matching red halters!

I do still think about gang affiliations when I look at red or blue clothes. I almost bought a royal blue skirt the other day, but hesitated. So many women that I know like purple, and I think about that because isn't that a gang color? Hoover reps purple, doesn't it? I don't know. I like how rainbow now has a meaning. The Rainbow Coalition is totally forgotten. “Who the hell is Jesse Jackson?” asks the 18 year old. Its all about LGBT.

"Remember me?!"

Dante: I knew orange was one of your favorite colors. I have more orange things than red which makes no sense. I cant even begin to keep up with what gang colors mean what. After I moved over to WeHo I started realizing that I could wear whatever the hell I want. I mean, I have a shirt that is pretty much a rainbow. I used to wear purple. Don't know why I stopped.

I bet if you mentioned the Rainbow Coalition to someone they would assume it means something to do with gayness. I'd probably think so as well.

Camille: Oh, doesn't WeHo have that whole colored bandana thing? Or is that a worldwide phenomena? Ha! Phenomena!

Dante: Its world wide and scary when you realize that the color of a rag can either mean a great night or a terrifying surprise. Every color means something which is convenient if you're gay but nerve wracking if you're not.

You would think that a black rag means you're into Black dudes. Nope! The truth is far more frightening!

Camille: I looked at the chart and was like “Scat can't possibly...*click* Oh. It does mean that.” The problem with that, is how many people want to hang out with a brown hankie wearer? Ew.

Down for ANYTHING.

Dante: More than you could possibly imagine. People used to get mad that we didn't sell those films. The sentence “Because they are illegal in this country” fell on deaf ears. Oh, god. How did we get on this topic?!

What is one color that you hate or prefer not to ever wear? Mine would probably be...I don't know. I have two pink shirts.

Camille: Florescent orange yellow, definitely. I think those totally clash with my skin tone. I tried on a pea green cardigan last weekend. That made me looked sick.

Who looks good in fluorescents anyway? I guess other than fluorescents, I would at least try on different colors to see how they look against my skin. You know what I think is horrible: Vertical stripes of any color!

Camille's favorite kinda shirt.

Dante: (mentally checks if I have vertical striped shirts) Yeah! I was just about to iron a horizontal shirt of mine. Wait. I do have, like, two vertical shirts that are gray and I like them. Though they make me seem like I'm two feet taller when I see them in pictures. What's something, when you see a guy wearing, you go “No one should think that looks good”? Same for girls.

For me its seeing a guy in skinny jeans. I know people who wear them and I just disagree with the decision. Especially when they sag. They are terrible “Escape” pants. For girls its pretty much when they wear clothes that they knew were not comfortable and you have to see them battle with it the whole time.

"By the power of Grayskul--by the--power of--shit!"

Camille: I hate seeing girls struggle with their too tight skirts, shirts and dresses (sausages!). Oh! Sagging skinny jean?! I was wondering why poopy pants and penguin-walking was in style. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I have a problem when I see people not dressing for their body type. I try not to judge when folks are overweight or waif-ish or anywhere in between, because I don't know how they got there, but for goodness sakes, people! Why are your clothes too tight or odd upon your body? Its not that hard to find things that fit.

And by the way, I'm wearing skinny jeans right now!

Dante: I remember seeing you try on some skinny jeans years ago and they were vetoed. I was all for them sumbitches! They looked good. I have some thigh hugging jeans that flare a little or gather but its different because my legs are my best feature. But when someone’s arms and legs are the same size it looks scary.

There are clothes for all body types. I have gone through, just for myself, short, tall, skinny, fat, in-between. There are ways to find things that fit. I think it comes down to friends not saying “Wow. That looks really bad on you.” You hear me say that sometimes. “Aw, she has no friends…” because a girl left the house looking like a hot mess. 

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