Monday, January 30, 2012

Oscaring Time Best Picture & Best Actor

Best Picture

Camille: Okay. I know they already made the official announcements, but it doesn't start for me until I get my EW, which came in the mail on Friday. Let the Oscaring begin! I just got my Entertainment Weekly Oscar Viewer's Guide and there is so much to be not pleased about.

First of all we can totally cut down the total best pic nods by now. I know it must've sounded like a good idea at one point, but there's a lot of filler in there e.g. Hugo, War Horse and Tree of Life. In fact, let me go ahead and get my min-rant about Tree of Life in here.

It sucked.

I don't know what the big deal is, but let me tell you, I was embarrassed. Simply embarrassed that it was because of my recommendation that my parents PAID to watch this film OnDemand. The whole formation sequence? So fast forwardable. And the story? Had every opportunity: If it wasn't so cut up and scattered it would've been an interesting story, plus there's Brad Pitt. Still attractive, still a pretty good actor, especially in that kind of story. Ridiculous. I'm so mad they even had the nerve to put Sean Penn on the poster. He was only in it for two seconds. I won't talk about it anymore its taken up too much of my life.

Brad Pitt convincing kids Tree Of Life is worth watching. 

Back on topic now, Best Pic. Out of the choices they put forward, I'm picking The Artist. I think it is perfect in these times where things-they-are-always-a-changing and we all have to learn how to adapt to the new. Plus I think it was brilliant and different and beautifully done. Everyone in it was amazing.

I really thought Warrior was an awesome movie, too, and if it wasn't for The Artist it would win, in my book that is. Why isn't Warrior in the running? Just for Supporting Actor.

Tom Hardy in Warrior.

Dante: Out of all the movies nominated I have seen three: The Artist, Midnight In Paris, and The Descendants. All good films for completely different reasons. Shocked that The Artist isn’t in “Best Comedy/Musical/Shit Where Do We Put This?” category.

I loved The Artist. So I am gonna have to pick that one. Literally. I have to! I refuse to see Tree Of Life. I didn’t make it through the trailer. It looked like a weird ass music video. Still pissed that Drive and Warrior got shit (shat?) on.

Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Warrior needed Best Actor with Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling was great in Ides Of March and Drive. He pissed someone off. Midnight In Paris, while good, is not something I would ever think is a best picture. The fact that Woody Allen is the director is the only reason its in this list. Hugo, War Horse, and the rest like that Incredibly Noisy Autistic Child movie can kick rocks.

Best Actor

Camille: "That Incredibly Noisy Autistic Child movie" - Ha! My stomach hurts now and don't tell anyone but I snorted. He! He! He!

Couldn't agree with you more about Warrior and I'm glad this is a situation in which you mention Tom Hardy first! Tom Hardy is hot. Did I mention that? And a pretty damn good actor, too. Totally missing from the Best Actor category and that is very disappointing.

Anyway, since you brought it up, Best Actor: I'm totally tied between Dujardin and Clooney. You have to be an amazing actor to resurrect the lost art of silent acting, but I think The Descendants might be Clooney's best work, considering what he's been nominated for in the past. Up In The Air? Yuck.

Why, Academy? Why Gary Oldman? I don't want to say that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy sucked, but I don't think it was executed well. One of these days I'll take the time out to watch the mini-series, but squishing it all into a movie literally put me to sleep.

The Artist.

I still want to see Drive, A Better Life, and Moneyball and am working on making that happen.

Dante: Your obsession with Tom Hardy is the things films are made of. Horror films. Leave that poor man alone. He should be nominated for Best Actor though. He was really good in Warrior. I cant stress enough how good that move was.

But since he isn’t in the category I’ll go with George Clooney. I have no idea who Demian Bichir or what his film A Better Life even is. Haven’t seen Moneyball and have no desire to see it. Like none. I would say Jean Dujardin for The Artist for The Artist, seeing as how I saw it twice in three days, but with that I felt that everyone in it did such a great role praising just him feels weird.

Gary Oldman knows he doesn’t deserve Best Actor. You fell asleep in the middle of the day watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy but I stayed up confused the whole time. It started off so well. Meaning the first four minutes were good. The rest was just half told stories that left me feeling like I missed something.

Oldman was just…in the film. Picking the Best Actor for this film is like choosing your favorite doctors visit.

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